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V5 Passat Timing Belt Service


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I have a V5 (W reg) Passat with 86K miles, it has a VWFSH and has just had it's 90K service. For whatever reason the service record that details all the service history and service intervals is for a Golf!! My dealer recommended a cambelt change at the last service and said it would cost £300

What is the recommended mileage/time for a Cambelt change on my car and does £300 sound about right?

I bought the car from a main dealer with 25K miles and I haven't had a cambelt change. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of the service details for a V5 Passat?

Thanks in advance

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The V5 Passat does not have a timing belt. It is ran by a chain. The dealer hasnt got a clue what they are talking about. Take them up on the offer of £300 because they will lose a hell of a lot of money as the engine has to be removed to cahnge the cahin and the chains and tensioners arent cheap.

The chain that runs the engine should never have to be replaced and has no replacement intervals.

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