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Oil Consumption


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Alright guys I have got a 2001 1.8T covered 30000 miles I was checking all of my levels two weeks ago when I checked the dipstick the oil level was at the lower mark I bought 1 litre of oil and I put in at least 3/4 of bottle to top up to correct level, I have just checked this again and the level has gone down slightly just showing the first line of dots on the dipstick, so basically is this normal or is it a little excessive.

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Rob, my A3 used right about 1 liter of oil from new, until the first 30k km service. She hasn't used that much since. HOWEVER, from what I understand, oil consumption is something that is different with each engine so.... smashfreakB.gif

Also, are you sure the latest bit of oil was used up? Could it have simply been a variation in reading. i.e. when the engine's been sitting overnight, the level will be higher than when just run, etc, etc.

Just an idea.


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