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I've got a full manual bike license which is unrestricted and whatnot which I've had for about 5-6 years.

However, since the test, I have never ridden a manual bike. I've always ridden scooters between 200 and 500cc (yes yes, boring I know.........) and then left bikes behind and gone down the four wheel route.

Was considering a fun 4-wheeled car, but due to living at home I dont have the room really to store it.

What would be a good bike for getting into manuals? I'd want something that I wouldn't get bored with after a few months but something which is maybe a bit forgiving being used to Scooters for the past few years.

Budget no more than £4.5-5k unless its financed and prefer new/nearly new with a min of 600cc.

What would you reccomend?

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My first and current (only riding since Feb) is an '02 R6, its great, love it. Its pretty flighty at the front and not the most relaxing ride in the world but they're not really meant to be are they... I've heard lots of good things about CBR600F's they seem to be a good starting point...

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