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3.2 worth £5.5k more than the 2.0 Special Edition


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Gonna be looking to buying a wardrobe carrier soon as the wife will hopefully be telling me we need some proper back seats and load space!

Got my eyes on a A4 3.2 S-Line Avant but am struggling to justify the extra 5 and a half grand over the 220 special edition.

Have a 1.8T and 2.0T on the drive at the moment so really fancied the V6 but the cost savings as well as the running costs (insurance, mpg and now tax!) are pulling me back towards the 4 pot.

Is it just the engine thats different and can anyone justify £5.5k for 30bhp?

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Ditto 169144-ok.gif

In fact I'm getting one crazy.gif

I looked into getting the 3.2 originally and to get the spec level up to that of the special edition meant it was very expensive. On paper the performance is very similar however the 3.2 is thirstier and has worse residuals. Indeed at 3 years, I was told the 3.2 may only fetch £1000 more than the 2.0T come p/ex time.

The attraction and smoothness of a V6 may be enough to sway some people but be prepared to pay for it.

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I will second that , the 3.2 is a great engine but as the SE spec is good value I would go for the 2.0T as well on this occasion 169144-ok.gif

Ironically I had the same dilemma when pricing up the S4 cab versus the 3.2, I couldn't justify the difference in price for what was almost an identical car bar the V8 engine.

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I was told the 3.2 may only fetch £1000 more than the 2.0T come p/ex time.

[/ QUOTE ]

Making it a great buy second hand. I think they initially depreciate much faster than the smaller engined varients but then things level out. After 1 year the premium for a V6 is much more sensible.

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