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A6 Exhaust Box - Have I bought the wrong car?


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Morning all. I'm a newbie to Tyresmoke and the A6 so please excuse any daft questions. I recently bought a low mileage A6 1.8T SE 150(1998) thinking I could do something with it. I was going to start with the exhaust, add an induction kit, then diverter valve, suspension - all ready for the ultimate ECU remapping with the aim of taking it close to 200 BHP.

I can't find a decent exhaust for this car anywhere. I think Jetex does a replacement system but I just wanted the back box - I suppose one of the problems for manufacturers is that the stock tail pipes are concealed just inside the rear bumper where they turn down from the horizontal. I would prefer them to be visible.

Induction kits (fitted) seem to be non existent and I'm off to a bad start. Now I am wondering whether I have bought the wrong car confused.gif

Does anyone have any bright ideas for my plan before I throw in the towel, take the car to beachy head and knock the handbrake off......... mad.gif

Cheers, Mark.

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The engine is easy to mod, and if it was in the A4 or A3, then you could get all manor of mods for it. However, because it is in an executive sized A6, there are many fewer bits you can get.

Not sure if www.vagparts can help you.

Otherwise a custom exhaust is an option. A place called Lorex (I think???) in Ipswich. The A8 boys on here have used them for quad exit exhausts.....(producing a might fine sound!)

The induction kit - you might have mod one from the A3/4 or other model. You can get GREEN replacement filters (the K&N ones can oil up the MAF and cause premature failure and associated problems)

Good luck

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Thanks for the support guys. beerchug.gif

Haven't found Lorex yet but will keep looking. I did find the Jetex exhaust catalogue and found that they do two Cat-Back versions for my A6 - one of them with significantly reduced back pressure - my first result, although I have been thinking of modifying the back end so that I can take my pick of back boxes.

As for remapping I wanted a switchable version. Talked to Fontain near Slough re Revo system and they would have to take the ECU out for remapping - but I can still have the switchable map - something to do with the capability of the serial/diagnostic port on my "older" car. A bit steep though - £650 approx all in. shocked.gif

I'll get there...... slowly. smashfreakB.gif



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