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Very Slow Wipers


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put some oil onto the splines as the oil will then work its way down '

The insides can rust up as mine did but stripped them, cleaned them and all is ok now

[/ QUOTE ]

I have been having this problem too... mine get stuck half way doen the screen! shocked.gif When you say put some oil on the splines where exactly do you mean? and where would i find the motor to see if its getting hot or not?

cheers and sorry for the hijack!

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Confirmed, its my wiper motor thats knackered, but there may be some wear to the mechanism, so I'm changing the lot, parts from VAG Parts. Motor is under the black trim which your wiper arms sit on.

Also, I need to change the black plastic part, as it needs to be broken to get it out, apparently, 1 in 10 of these are accidentily bonded in, when the windscreen is fitted, and they get broken trying to get them out! Its only a tenner though!

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