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Insurance Query


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For those that remember back in December some feccker hit Mr X's car and P*ssed off. Anyway Mr X rang Insurance company to query excess and procedure etc. They took details as they do. Decided against the claim and Mr X paid for repairs himself

Now heres the interesting part. Mr X just got his renewal quote. On it 1 claim Non Fault.

He rang India and then UK and they are saying that because he mentioned it they have to put it down as an accident (non fault) which will stay with him for 5 yrs.

Even though he didn't make a claim he's being penalised. If he'd kept his mouth shut and just paid, without asking insurance company he'd be no worse off. A very helpful person is trying to speak to the underwriters to get the note changed to Information only and have it recinded.

Anybody else been through this? Mr X would appreciate any suggestions please

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