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How Long do you Plan to keep your A4/S4/Cabrio


Which would you Choose  

  1. 1. Which would you Choose

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I've ticked 1-2 years bearing in mind I've had mine a year now (a record!!!) but feel sure that I will keep the S4 for even longer as its the first car I've had that I haven't got bored with after 3-6 months.

Mind you, depends on the price of used RS4's!!!

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I'm keeping this one until it dies. Well that's the plan, anyway. blush.gif

There's no real need for me to get a new one. I mean, people used to keep their cars for decades and there's no reason why this car should be different. ROLLEY~14.GIF

But who knows, circumstances change... grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Same here, the car's nearly two years old and it's condition puts most two month old cars to shame.

Why shouldn't I keep it for another five years?

BUB 169144-ok.gif

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My plan is to give my car to my wife (I am so kind) and trade her car in for a new one for me.

But I will need to wait a while at least! Both cars are not even two years old, big extension on house, new kitchen, two kids, holidays .... and the list goes on SAUER0421.GIF

But I reckon a used new style Range Rover next.

The thing is my wife will not look after my car as well as I do. She does less miles but hits more kerbs and visits Asda more than I do..... ROLLEY~14.GIF

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