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CAT 1 Upgrades


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Has anyone got any experience of having a cat 1 upade done to their alarm/immobiliser? Am thinking of having this done but dont want to pay the earth for it.

A few mobile fitters have been recommended but am shopping about! Any useful hints or links would be most welcome. TA!!

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The only recommendation i can make is make sure they are a VSIB member <font color="black">and have the VSIB Stamp </font>

Because non approved installers, (lets call them monkeys) are allowed to use the official certificates, but DO NOT have the official stamp to frank it.

This means you dont have any comebacks over damage, workmanship etc and the VSIB cannot do anything.

Its wrong/misleading that non approved installers have the certificates, and no stamp, but its how it works and the alarm companies supply them with the certificates.

So choose installer carefully, because some make a right mess and hash up.

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Yep, Paul has it spot on!

Ask them what sort of back up they have in case a product fails and renders your car immobilised. Its happened to me and I wouldn't use GAP Security again. Shower of shite. smashfreakB.gif

No back up and whats worse. No interest in solving the problem. Sorted it myslef eventually, but did I mention I wouldn't use GAP Security again??

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Previously I've used local companies who can provide you with back up if there's a problem. For instance if the system locks up, rare but not unknown, will they be able to send an engineer to you within say, 12hrs to rectify the fault? OK, if you have breakdown cover, you can get towed home, but I'd want the reassurance that it would be sorted quickly.

God only knows why I went to GAP, I must of had a Blonde moment smashfreakB.gif

Dealers are a bunch of robbers when it comes to this sort of kit and to be honest, I wouldn't trust them with anything like a full CAT1 immobiliser.

To meet CAT1 all the wiring has to be the same colour and is normally soldered into the cars loom. Its not a job for amateurs!!


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