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[Audi A3/S3] 'Technically' FASH, or not?


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Hi guys, a bit of advice needed if you please. I'm about to sell my 52 reg S3 and want to get it serviced first. The first service was done by Audi so i'm thinking it's best to get them to do the second one as well. Thing is, it needs the brake fluid and haldex oil doing as well, which I can get done for £80 cheaper by my local Audi specialist. Do you think buyers will still regard the car as having FASH if both main services have been done by Audi, are recorded on their computer system, and I have the nice Audi letter headed paper for them to see etc etc, but the brake fluid/haldex have been done by an independent. I know it wont 'technically' have FASH, but i was wondering what everyone thought?


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