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[Audi A3/S3] new to a3 and audi but not vw


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first post so be kind i am looking at a a3 2000/2001 model. i am no stanger to vw new and old but the audi is new to me.

i am looking for good fuel returns and a fair bit of go too allthough the 1.6 petrol seems a bit to small for a car that size. i would like a 5 door diesel what would the best engine to go for within the 1.8/2.0 engine size.

i have seen a few cars up for sale at the 100thou(milage) stage of there life is this to high or will the diesel run and run if looked after. are the gear boxs the same as the golf.

are there any niggling little problems i should know be for i put my pound notes on the table

thanks xx1


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