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loaner car of joy


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Hi guys!

Couple op days ago I brought my car to the bodyshop (again.... grin.gif) and collected my replacement car for the duration of the repair.

Normally the replacement car (atleast over here) is something old and small (usually a Golf or Punto).

The company I brought my car to this time (linky) however offered me some choice:

Ford Mustang V6 coupe

Ford Mustang V8 GT Convertible

Hummer H3

Pontiac Solstice

and some other non-interesting stuff

The weather was nice (already last wednesday when I got the replacement car) so I chose the Mustang Convertible.

Been driving around in it for a week now and I must say it drives a bit different from my S3....... grin.gif

The V8 GT has 300bhp RWD and quite alot of torque.

But apart from the power and everything..... what a sound! amazing really.

The car goes quite nicely in a straight line but cornering and braking are not really its strongest points (ca also be due to my poor driving skills).

The built quality is horrible (keep in mind that this car costs EUR 60k over here). Cheap plastics everywhere.

When it was raining I got water in the footwell (and the roof was closed). Needed to re-attach some items that got loose etc. etc.

Will post some pics in the evening of the car.


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