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How Do I Stop The 70mph 'BONG'?


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and the big 'Warning 70mph Exceeded' message that displays on the highline computer.

I haven't got my Owners Manual yet so I don't know how to get into the settings, can it be done?!

It's doing my head in already. smashfreakB.gif

There may be more questions until the manual arrives, apologies in advance. I'm sure you nice folk won't mind. grin.gif

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According to my Tom Tom when my speedo is showing 74mph I'm only doing 70mph in my GTI. This is pretty accurate I think. I've done comparisons in Renaults, Peugeots and Vauxhalls over the past 6 months as I've had a few long term hire cars to drive for my work. The worst was Renault (Scenic thing) which was 8mph out at 70mph (ie when I was doing 78mph on the speedo I was only doing 70 on the sat nav). 169144-ok.gif

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With ignition on.

Press the ECON button and the Button that deflects air up (top right of the four) together.

Turn the left temperature dial until "19" appears in the left hand LCD.

Turn the fan speed control to change the small number in the left hand LCD to a 1. So the left hand display now shows 19'.

The right hand LCD now shows the speed in MPH.

There was a post somewhere which gave what all the other numbers read but it was mostly temperatures from different parts of the car.

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