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SatNav Recommendation

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Right, heres the score.....

I have SatNav in the 6 obviously, and a Garmin Streepilot I3 in the A4 that I use on occasion. The wife has no SatNav in her 320d, and no portable device either. So, she borrows the I3 on occasion.

However, such occasions are becoming more common and last week I drove off in the A4 with the SatNav....when she needed it. So, she's now insisting I buy her one.

The Garmin is great, and we both like it's simplicity.

However, I know it's been superceded and I don't think the offers are around anymore.

I also can't be arsed to research SatNav Systems if I'm honest.

Requirements are as follows (these are VERY important so please note them carefully!):

- Budget, up to £250

- Removeability - must be quick to remove and portable enough to stow in a handbag, briefcase

- Simple - must be ultra simple to use

- Loud - decent volume

- Wires - not bothered about them, doesn't have to be wireless/bluetooth etc. Furthermore, it'll not get hardwired in, it'll just be plugged into the 12v socket when needed.

- Speed limits - ideally it'll show speed limits and camera locations

- Updates - must be mega easy to apply

So, what does the TSN expert community recommend? By the way, if you've got a picture of the device you're recommending....can you do me a favour and show it in your post to save me even more time...!!! grin.gif169144-ok.gif

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Tomtom One all the way Chris.

Its got the best GPS so it gets the signal very very quickly. Its incredibly easy to use, I haven't found anyone who can't use it, even my Mum doesn't find it hard. It can be used as a Hands free kit with your phone and can also divert you round traffic jams with a bluetooth / GPRS phone at additional cost. Its also slim and you can get a good Tomtom case making it perfect to put in a handbag, it not deep like most of them are. Screen is also great with very very little glare.

Put it this way I'm going to order one in the next few weeks because we simply don't need anything more. If you have an Egg card get it off the Dixons site for under £200 with the 10% discount off if you order before the end of the month. 169144-ok.gif

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I've never really used one, but I guess you can't really go wrong with the newest series of Tom Tom units.

[/ QUOTE ]

Excellent units apart from the droopy mounts. sekret.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I complained and got a new one a couple of days ago. All seems fine...so far.

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Indeed it does - BUT - I don't rate it roo highly.

It's too non-specific about where they actually are and beeps along a full section of road without you knowing exactly where the camera is on occasion.

Stunning value for money though - and the screen is incredibly easy to use/view.

To be honest, I actually find it easier to follow than the £2.5k system on the 6! I'm not joking either. Ok so it doesn't have all the facilities etc, but for point to point navigation its great.

It has a habit of taking you on strange routes on the odd occasion, but it's never taken me far off what I'd call the best route.

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