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Anyone got any experience of Tunisia.

Thinking of booking a fortnight in Port El Kantoui end September / early October in a half board resort. Have checked Trip Advisor etc and the hotel seems good - just looking for some general opinions of the place as a holiday destination.

Also - is it worth taking the old reflective sunglasses for the topless totty - or is that not allowed there frown.gifyelrotflmao.giftongue.gif

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have you ever been to North Africa before....???

If not, Tunisia isnt a bad place to start - better than that hell-hole known as Morocco!!! Food is average, beer is average, service is below average, but hotels are generally very nice and very well equiped, as they like to keep you in there spending your money behind their bar!!!

If you have checked the hotel is ok, you will be onto a winner. If you are going with your missus, does she have blonde hair? If so, expect EVERY single man to stare at her and in North Africa the make a 'tick-tick' noise at women, a bit like our Wolf Whistle!! grin.gif

If she has got big-boobies, forget it, you will have to deal with men stopping you and offering you camels to buy her - NO i am NOT kidding!!!! I know - my missus is size 8, long blonde hair size 32D..... ROLLEY~14.GIF

I personally hate North Africa after Morocco destroyed it for me, but i know 2 friends who have just been to Tunisia (separately) and they said it was good! PS - you can never really go wrong with the weather 169144-ok.gif

Oh - i take it you were being sarcastic about the topless totty?? yelrotflmao.gif Just checking!! sekret.gif

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If not, Tunisia isnt a bad place to start - better than that hell-hole known as Morocco!!!

[/ QUOTE ]

I loved Morocco, it was really amazing. Tunisia was so so.

On the women note, my sis got hassle all the time (like all the time) in Tunisia and none at all in Morocco. I got into a fight & started a riot (woops UHOH7.GIF) and everywhere we went people gave us hassle. In Morroco I got invited into some crazy berber's house for mint tea & I talked to loads of crazy people in villages on the top of mountains and everything was good!

Marrakesh is good, the atlas mountains are amazing, the sahara is just there and the people are nice. Tunisia is like spain but more pervy. (apart from Carthage, which is very interesting) 169144-ok.gif

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