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[Audi A3/S3] S3 Break Disks


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treat yourself apparently the porshe cayenne breaks fit straight on brill upgrade but its £1800.00

[/ QUOTE ]

If all goes to plan my car will not be in my posession for much longer, so I'm not spending silly money on a brake upgrade.

993 big red conversion is the one to go for, I have never heard of a Cayenne upgrade. There are a few members on here who've had the big red upgrade done.

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ive got the ebc disc's and redstuff pads. Stops ok but make quite a noise when braking and even when not braking. Mine are either warped or you can feel the grooves passing the pads as heavy braking from over 80 or more gets a bit of wobble on the steering wheel.

I’ve read posts that say they warp easy coz of the grooves, ive also read posts that say you can feel the grooves passing the disc. Personally I think they warp easy because the grooves hit the pads in a progressive manor i.e. curved round the disc and not in straight line from the centre outwards.

In any case I was thinking of prob changing back to the standard disc's and just keeping the redstuff pads. beerchug.gif

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