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[Audi A3/S3] Traction Control Light coming on


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I noticed on Saturday when driving my traction control light (ESP) came on, I pulled over turned engine off, then restarted it and it was fine light didnt come back on.

Went out in it tonight 20mins into drive traction control light came on again, pulled over turned off car restarted and it had gone off, this happened one more time as well.

Any idea what prob is or had simular, apperently acording to manual its only buggered if it stays on, none of the other warning lights come on just that. When the light is off I tested the traction (ESP) and it worked.

I had the problem once before but that was about 4k miles ago when I had to have the battery replaced, apperently it can come on and stay on for a bit after that.



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I did some digging and your right it does seem to be a very common prob, needed to get it VAG_COM'd but the symptoms Im getting seem to be the same as people who have need the sensor or sensors replaced.

Seeing as its such a common issue I may see if I can wangle some level of good will gesture from Audi UK towards cost (if it is the problem) can only ask beerchug.gif

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