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I've been REVO'd: a review


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If you're interested in having an ECU remap I thought I'd let you know how my GTI is now it has the REVO stage 1 remap.

I opted for the most simple set up- an exta programme on the cars ECU (doesn't replace the stock, the car is told to use the new programme and therefore in the future it can be simply swopped back to stock - free of charge). There are other set ups that allow you to select various options - fuel grade/stock/security mode that require a bit extra money and a little box to do this with.

The work took 15 mins at Stealth Racing in Southam - nice guys, seemed to know their stuff.

OK boring bit out of the way, the car responds noticibly in two different ways. 1. response - much quicker and lively, get cuddly with the right foot and immediately she wants to go and 2. more power - a bit obvious I guess.

Ok thats it. I posted this as having read the forums there seems to be a fair bit of uncertainty about how reliable these units are etc and for me it seemed difficult to quantify just how good/reliable these things are.

So far I am very impressed with the car, I spent a few hours with it yesterday and it has really made a difference. It might sound a bit fairy but it seems to have had an impact on the chassis too - the whole car is more lively and fun to drive. Point it where you want and play with the throttle - you now have an extra dimension to use as well as braking/handling - you can really use the acceleration to enjoy coming out of bends or overtaking. It does understeer, but then as stock it does too and obviously in the wet it will be more of a handful....

Hope that helps. If I get any problems I will let you know, if not assume I'm still grinning and enjoying the motor


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Had mine done late last year when 3000km was on the clock. Done about 10000km since then with no problems whatsoever. In fact, if someone, who had never driven a stock GTI before, got in my car they wouldn't even realize anything was different as the remap is just as smooth as the original. And, in my opinion, the best bang-for-buck of any type of performance modification.

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And, in my opinion, the best bang-for-buck of any type of performance modification.

[/ QUOTE ]

....If you are saying that a re-map is the best bang-for-buck mod, I don't agree. Best one is to re-map the driver's brain imo by doing a course.

Good to hear good reports about Revo. 169144-ok.gif

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Its a UK supplied MkV, manual. The chassis thing is difficult to explain but I think you have it summed up, the car is so much more responsive and the chassis keeps up with this with no trouble and the whole ride just feels more lively? Can't explain it any better, it just makes me smile!

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