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Polo 9n TDI 100


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I've just driven the car from Woodford to Gatwick (approx 60 miles) and noticed hesitation over and above approx 3k rpm.

Its sort of spluttering and loss of power (in the sense compared to how the car was before in this rev range).

On my drive here I keep thinking its the Mass Air Flow sensor - MAF. Anyone have any other ideas or know if this might be the problem?

Whats the procedure of getting a new maf? Do VW still do exchanges?

If so whats involved & how much should it cost?

We've previously owned a few VAG group cars, and none have had MAF failures. Guess there's always a first.


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MAF failures are common across the vag group cars from what I've read on various forums. A good test is to disconnect the maf and see how the car runs - if it runs better, the maf is dead. I think they still do exchanges. about £80 or something.

It could also be 'limp mode' though I doubt it - that's usually much more profound. Check all your hoses and connnections too.

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