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BMC CDA induction kit


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Morning all!

I've been fairly quiet over the last few weeks on TsN, just lurking around really. Here's what I've been up to in the last couple of weeks:

Fitted a BMC CDA induction kit to the Polo!




Only had one real issue with fitting the new kit, and that was in removing the engine cover blush.gif which was bolted on so tight that me and the guy who sold me the kit couldn't even begin to shift it! I went up to Inchcape VW in the end and got them to remove it, as they were the last ones to have had it off and replace it. Fair play, they had it off in about 2 minutes flat smile.gif

So, old restrictive airbox and factory air feed removed and thrown in a corner of the garage, and shiny new carbon fibre BMC and custom cold air feed feed fitted in its place.

I will get around to re-fitting the engine cover at some point but first things first, engine bay could do with a proper clean!

In terms of performance, throttle feels a bit more responsive, and of course theres that nice induction growl. At the business end of the rev range, 5,000rpm upwards, there definitely seems to be more pull where before the power dropped off quite noticeably. At town speeds its almost unchanged, bit more depth and tone to the engine note but not a huge difference. Its when you accelerate flat out that the induction noise kicks in, and its sounds AWESOME 169144-ok.gif

I want to get the Polo rolling-roaded soon, hoping for around the 135bhp mark with the exhaust, air filter and premium fuel...

Next year I plan to have Custom Code installed (it has to be chipped as my ECU won't take a remap), and want to achieve 150bhp ooo.gif

Cheers wink.gif

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