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TVR Tamora of doom!!!!


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I followed a blue TVR Tamora through Shiremoor towards the A19 at about 11.15am today.

It was a flat blue colour on a 51 plate with a guy in his 30's driving (at a guess).

Anyway, I was directly behind him with the hood down in the 6 and he was constantly checking his rear view mirror. I started to get the feeling he wanted a bit of a blatt, but I'm not silly enough to let myself be annihilated by a car that would decimate mine on out and out pace.

Anyway....we got to the roundabout....and as usual it was very busy and cars were getting out one by one with quick take-offs.

Low and behold if a small gap didn't appear as a Suzuki Jimny came around at fairly slow pace...and the guy in the Tamora booted it....


Rear end stepped out in an aural mix of exhaust boom and wheel screech, and the car end up doing a full 360 and almost side-swiping a Jeep Cherokee by the side of it.

Now you're wondering why a didn't take a picture. Well, think about being in my position....you're sat in your car almost pissing yourself laughing, so much that your sides started to hurt. You're then laughing even more as the guy stalled it when he went to set off again with the bloke about to get out of the Jeep and stove his face in, I suspect.

So whoever you are - thank you. Buy a different car. Something like a Focus perhaps? yelrotflmao.gif

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It was raining last night but it was as dry as a bone when he did this. He is indeed a lucky man,

The junction onto the roundabout is a dual carriageway, so the entry is wide, and if it hadn't been he'd have certainly twanged into someone.

It was a perfect 360 too. You couldn't have done it better if you'd tried. I think he panicked and held the foot down to try to straighten it up, and then let go at 180 degrees, by which point the car had gained enough momentum to screech round the last 180! yelrotflmao.gif

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RossG will tell you that when he followed me on the Northeast/Scotland's slip and slide run at the start of 2006....that I over encouraged the 6 on the odd occasion too.

It's not nice when it happens, but of course in a Tamora you've no traction control at all, so you're going to end up with a red face with embarassment...or worse still blood.

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