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[Audi A3/S3] just logged the ecu, any advice please?


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hi, just logged the ecu on my 02 225 s3 and found that the max boost pressure was 2.2 bar and should be 2.5 bar. had a quick look for any holes in tubes, as i read this somewhere a while back but couldnt see any holes. ive recently fitted a new bosch recurculating valve so shouldnt be that?

any ideas as to where boost leak could be coming from. anyway is it worth worrying about a leak of 0.3 bar?!

do the silicone hoses you can buy for the turbo give any improvement?

i also got the air flow logged and max air flow was 189.7 g/s, think this is normal? is it?

any help will be grately appreciated.



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vag-com boost logs includes atmospehric pressure.

As anything like 2.2 or 2.5 bar MUST be including atmospheric pressure.

atmospheric pressure is usually deducted, typically 1013 mbar

For ease mose people just deduct 1000mbar or 1 bar.

that leaves you with quite a normal chipped boost range of 1.3 - 1.5 bar.

figures do fluctuate with ambient temps and pressures, and peak boost is only held momentarily through the revs and then drops off.

you could have a leak, just check over all the hoes, including the little ones under the engine cover.

Samco's (silicon hoses) help avoid the turbo intake pipe collapse and look nice in the engine bay, they may aid airflow, because they are a constant size and have smooth internals unlike OEM, but its not likely to give you a performance boost.

MAF log seems about rigt, up in the 190+ grms sec area, again this will fluctuate due to ambient condiditons, cold and frosty day you may hit 200g/sec all day long.

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