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Does VAGCOM work on Macs?


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From the manufacturers...


1.8 Will there be a Mac or Linux version?

There will be no "native" Mac or Linux versions. The time and effort required to "port" VAG-COM to these platforms would never be worthwhile.

One person has gotten VAG-COM running under Linux using WINE -- click here for details.

A much more recent one: HOW-TO Install VAG-COM in Ubuntu Linux using Wine

Results on IBM/Motorola Power-PC based Macs using Virtual PC vary. Some people have gotten it to work, but sample rates tend to be poor and the sessions tend to drop frequently. This is likely inherent in the overhead and latency inherent in the virtualized environment. Some people have not gotten it to work at all.

Reports from several people indicate VAG-COM works perfectly on the latest Intel-based Macs when these run Windows XP natively using Boot Camp

[/ QUOTE ]

Source: Ross-tech.com FAQ's

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