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Anyone else p*@*ed off waiting for S3


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Am i the only person that is fed up with Audi. I cant see why they havent released details of their new S3. Surely they know what they have and they are bound to know what all the competion has, so why keep it a secret for so long. You can go on BMW and configure cars that are not available yet let alone know their spec.

Let me clarify my situation, i currently have a MKV GTI and am looking to replace it (i know it is the fastest road car available but hey). The cars i am looking at are, Golf R32 and second hand BMW csl (woopums repair bill is scary though). The S3 i presume will be in the middle of the two and possibly the best option. I know i should just wait, but with long waiting lists and dealer allocation, not knowing if the S3 will meet my needs is a right pain. I have read other S3 posts but the details are all over the place.

Am i alone in beeing fed up? smashfreakB.gif

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