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Silver RS4


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Spotted at the VW/Audi Track Day at Castle Combe on Saturday. Not sure if any silver RS4s have been caught on camera here yet.

It is indeed a small world - this car belongs to the original owner of my S4! I bumped into him purely by chance at GTI International after he spotted my car, but he didn't have the RS with him on that occasion.

We chatted for ages as not only is he into Audis, but he's also heavily involved in the bike racing scene and builds frames for a living. He was kind enough to bring the Tracker documents for my car as he knew I'd be at Castle Combe. I didn't even know it had a Tracker fitted! smashfreakB.gif

This guy also owns a silver S3 and has a new 2.0T TT on order, in silver of course 169144-ok.gif

I'd pretty much decided that if I ever go for a B7 S or RS, I'd probably wean myself off of silver. However after seeing the RS4 safety car at the DTM at Norisring, and now this car 'in the flesh', I'm not so sure. What a beast... tongue.gifnotworthy.gif







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I though Audi were cancelling orders of RS4's with 'comedy wood'because it wouldn't allow people with such bad taste to have them. wink.gif

No doubt a decent bloke by the sounds of things JC, you might just have to re-educate him in the finer things, like alu trim. 169144-ok.gif

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