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Star Perfomance Direct Port Programmer


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I ordered a Direct Port Programmer from star performance on Wednesday last week.

This is exactly the same item thats re-sold by AmD as "One-Click".

I ordered at 11am on Wednesday, the unit was with me by 10am Thursday (via special delivery).

I uploaded the std code into the unit, and returned via special delivery the same day.

By 10am Friday morning I had the programmer back with my standard code, and the revised map 169144-ok.gif

It does exactly what it says on the Tin 169144-ok.gif Switching between std and remapped takes about 1 minute.

So a big thumbs up from me for Jim and the guys up in Scotland 169144-ok.gifnotworthy.gif

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Over the last few years I have used most of the mainstream tuners.






etc. etc. so thought i would have a shot with Starperformance based on favourable comments from quite a few people over the years 169144-ok.gif

For the record the mod is declared for insurance 169144-ok.gif

However I have a few minor niggles, which need sorting under warranty so i didn't want to give the stealer any excuse NOT to do the work EEK2.GIF

The unit does not switch the code on/off, rather it uploads the standard code (including the original checksums), or the performance code (and hence its non standard checksums).

i.e is totally unvisible when switched to standard. NO coding or tables remain in the ECU

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Robin - just to clarify. Newer ECU's can log when they're accessed.. so even this (on some of the newer cars) can be detected.

But I think it's as likely to be looked for and detected as your insurance company voiding your insurance because you didn't declare Optimax as a performance enhancing modification!

Go on, you know you want to grin.gif

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Go on, you know you want to grin.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

....Actually no I don't. I've just returned from a 90 mile drive tonight and the roads were wet and greasy after all the dry weather - Lots of wheelspin whenever I didn't use the throttle sensitively. That's just with standard 200 neddies on the front wheels. That 4WD Mitsi Evo Concept X is looking attractive again!

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danksy, I was wondering how you have found the Star Performance remap having lived with it for nearly a month? I am thinking of using this remap for reversability and because it can be supplied "mail order" and would appreciate any feedback you could give.



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