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My mother has an A4 2.5TDI tip on a 51 plate i think , the car has done 85000 miles with full service history and the last 3 services have been at an Audi Idependent Specialist.

Just recently we've had problems with the Auto gearbox so sent it back to the specialist to look into it. They coundnt work out what was wrong with the vehicle so told us to take it to a main dealer , so off we went to the main dealer. Here comes the problem ............

Main dealer informs us that the car gearbox oil seems to have not been changed and that this is most likley the cause of needing a new gearbox (£4500 fitted ), of course we ring the so called specialist to find out why this was not done at any of the 3 services we have paid for including the cambelt change even though it states in the service book that it should be done every 40000 miles (twice then since we've been using them ) . First person we speak to says that they dont change gearbox oil but should of told us , 2nd bloke we spoke to said they made a mistake and forgot to do it and then i speak to the owner, he informs me that they will sort the car out as new but will not put it in writing that he will replace the gearbox ( he says he wants to check himself what the problem is) .

I should say that the main dealer has said that the clutch plates could of also caused the damage to the gearbox oil ( very black oil ) but it shows in the service book that he has not changed the oil and hes also admitted it on the phone .

We have proof from our invoices that the gearbox oil was not done and also from the condition of the oil itself. I didnt want to give the car back to the specialist because the dealer has told me it deffo needs a new gearbox and i think he will just do a bodge job ..............

Any ideas what to do , im under belief that i have to have the repair done to then make a claim against this garage?

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If you had the services done in good faith by the garage, and the service book states that the 'box oil should be replaced then its their mistake, and their responsibility to correct. I'd get him to put it in writing that he has not changed the 'box oil, and ask him to pay to replace the 'box, if he refuses then have the repairs done at the main dealer anyway and take him to the small claims court for the costs of replacement/repair.

They've already admitted that they have no idea what the problem with the 'box is, and recommended you go to the main dealer, so there's no point having them inpect it again, as they'll use it as an excuse to dig out of the situation.

Basically he's already admitted liability, the service book shows his liability. As he could not identify the problem he can reasonably not be expected to be able to correct the problem. This is demonstrateable in court, and so you shouldnt have any worries about taking the matter there if he puts up a fight.

I know it sounds harsh, but you can't expect to pay for someone elses mistake, when they're supposed to be specialists.

Good luck and i hope you get it sorted without too much hastle 169144-ok.gif

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HI Pile,

I agree with sponge. However if they the specialist takes the car in to do any work FOC I would strongly suggest that whatever work they do is documented AND you get it in writing there will be no charge to prevent them dumping a huge charge on you halfway through trying to state that in fact the fault was caused by "something" else. Afterall if audi are saying that the gearbox needs replacing it cant be made much worse. If the specialist fix it I would expect a good warranty on the repair.

Very best of luck in getting it all sorted out whatever route you take!


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