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So would this tempt us!!!


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Not for me either. For the same reasons as Robin has stated. I have driven a 2.0TFSI SLine and they handle no where near as well as the GTI, and althought 4WD is nice, I still dont think it will drive like as well as a GTI.

Looks better with the bigger wheels though - but you knew I would say that!!!!

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Its a very expensive Gti with ordinary styling.

If I had £30K (which it would be by the time I had DSG, leather and a few minor options on it), there are a few other cars to consider in that league.

[/ QUOTE ]

Very true, I'm still tempted tho smile.gif Although, not a new one, due to moving house etc frown.gif I reckon there'll be some sensible priced used ones in a few years, right when our GTI's are 3/4 years old wink.gif

Although I dobut the S3 will be as good to drive as the GTI, although a £500 205 GTI can soon sort that imbalance out (at weeekends) 169144-ok.gif

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Im not sure about the bottom of the grill looks like ....

But rest i like.

Always loved the new A3s interior and quality much higher than the VWs in my own opinion.

I just prefer a 5door now due to family, and the A3 5door will not get S3 spec and the A3 5door looks like an estate to me anyway. (sorry A3 owners)

Theres alot of people spec up GTIS to near/more than the price this will be so will be interesting to so whats standard.

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Generally, comparing equivalent models, the Audis feel more luxurious than the VWs. I've heard that Audi's ambition is to build the most luxurious car in the world but surely that depends how you define luxury - The Japanese are hot on features.

However, personally I don't much like the interior feel of a luxury car and I prefer something more basic - I hate to feel cacooned in a car. The GTI is just right for my tastes.

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