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Buying New Passat Help!


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I usually post on the Golf R32 forum, but the time has come for the R32 to go frown.gif

I am looking to trade it in on a new shape passat & am going to look at some tomorrow.

Is there any problems I should look out for, I am thinking of a 2.0 TDI Sport saloon or estate.

Any tips & info is greatly accepted, thanks in advance....


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Its such a new car that it will be under warranty so I wouldn't worry to much about faults - I'm sure you will spot any that develop.

My advice would be to buy the estate as it will hold its value much better. Also I always think the estate is kind of cooler and a bit less like a rep mobile.

However my local dealer cant get any estate's at the moment - such is demand. Thats great for residuals, but bad if you want to haggle.

I'd be tempted to buy an ex demo or get one from a car supermarket.

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One final thing to remember is if you are trading in the R32 think carefully about the PX price the dealer offers as they are very desirable cars with fantastic residuals so should be easy to sell yourself.

You've probably already sussed this for yourself, but the sport model does look better as it has 17" rims. The lesser model wheels look lost in the arches as the Passat is a huge car.

If you are thinking of a Saloon and not an estate then you might want to look at the Jetta. I was looking at one in the showroom the other day (TDi sport) and it looked superb. I also think the boot was the same size as on my Passat and had a better opening!

Whisper: You might also want to look at an Octavia VRS TDi estate as they get good write ups. wink.gif

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