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Air Con Annoyance


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You can turn the aircon off just by pressing the econ button.

This just makes the heating/ventilation system the same as a car without aircon. You still need to set a temperature though, the same way you would in a car without aircon - on yours you set it exactly rather than using a rotary dial.

You can then set your fan speed manually as well, the same as you would on a car without aircon.

I tend to leave mine between LO and 18°C, usually on econ (i.e. no air conditioning) with the fan speed on 1 or 2 'bars'. That is enough to circulate the air.

If it gets hot then I'll turn the econ off i.e. switch to aircon mode.

I rarely use full climate control (i.e. AUTO) as the fan speed is usually quite high and the noise bugs me hence I use it in manual mode 169144-ok.gif

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