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Cheapest place for Phatnoise cables?

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By your post I assume your missing the interface lead as well as the changer cable.

If you go to page 1 on the following PDF file


You will see the leads & their part numbers listed.

You should already have ‘interface wire lead (1)’ pn# 000-051-592-A this comes with your Phatnoise & has a 3M 26 pin connector at one end & an Audi 13 pin din at the other (if this cable is missing then this is the confusion). This then connects to the CD changer cable ‘wiring harness’ pn# 4B0-051-735-B which then connects to your head unit.

If you have a VW box (rectangular plug interface wire which is used on the Audi A4 glove box CD changer) then just change the part numbers to the ones listed on page 2 here (I know it’s a Beetle but the interface lead is the right pn# for A4 glove box cd changer)


If you want to put the phatnoise in the glove box then you only need the VW rectangular plug interface lead and modify it to fit.

The interface cable on its own is not long enough to reach the boot.

hope this helps

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Hi timps,

Thanks for that...

My cable is like the VW one.... 1J0051592... which I guess means I am off to the local VW dealer to get the 1J0051592A

Although I suppose the more flexible solution is to get the CD changer cable and then find the proper Audi interface cable that way if I sell the car and keep the Phatbox the next person can stick a CD changer in.

Do you know where to get the interface cables? Do they only come from Audi?

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Hi Timps,

Thanks for the help.. just want to check before I shell out 35 quid at the local VW dealer I have got this right...

The Phatbox I have has a VW cable.. labelled CAS-001-VW-15

I am puzzled by the lead in the pdf as it has 3 connectors.. see attached pic.. what is the 3rd connector for??




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The one you have labelled on your diagram (‘so what is this’) is the plug that goes into the back of the radio it has the blue, yellow and green split plug attached.

You will have to remove the pins from this to push into the plug in the back of your Audi radio (see page 7 of the Audi pdf above)

you will need a special tool or a paper clip / pin

(split pug)


the pins on the end of the wire look like this just push a pin/paper clip in both sides to release the pin and pull the wire


The beetle cable from kufatec looks like this with just the blue plug attached & you can see the brown ground wire going the other way but not what is attached


so I guess the other plug in the pdf is the ground wire it should be a loop but in the pdf picture it does look like another plug

I would have thought it should have been like this min iso plug (this would also work)


If you read the instructions step#5 on page 4 on the VW pdf file it just says push in the blue plug (not the same on Audi you will have to remove pins page 7 of the Audi pdf) & attach the ground with a 5mm nut, no mention of a third plug.

CAS-001-VW-15 is a Phatnoise inc. part number for the VW the Audi equivalent is CAS-001-AU-15

VAG use VW pn#000-051-592 Audi pn#000-051-592-A

Same cables

I know people have successfully used the beetle harness to fit a Phatnoise to an Audi but I have never used it myself.

I hope my ramblings shed some light.

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Ok, sorry to hijack, but I am completely confused!

I have just fitted the MFD2 Nav to my Mkv golf, (easy peasy).

I have also bought a Phatbox, and had ordered a changer cable as per the pics above which has a small square blue connector for the hifi. This doesnt seem right for the MFD2 - am I right in saying I actually need 1J005192A?

How come the cable I have has a 12V lead sepearate at the hi-fi end?

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The power supply that powers the dock for the phatnoise has also gone pop - need a new one - can anyone reccomend where to get a power adaptor to the following spec?

Find a "regulated" power supply;

Output (7.5 - 12V DC), 1000mA

The plug specifications are:

2.1 mm inner diameter, 5.0 mm outer diameter, 9mm sleeve, center positive

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am I right in saying I actually need 1J005192A

[/ QUOTE ]

Not sure which cable the MDF sat nav uses without checking


How come the cable I have has a 12V lead separate at the hi-fi end?

[/ QUOTE ]

Without seeing a picture or a part number I am not sure what cable you mean

this power supply works from here


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