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[Audi A3/S3] S3 seating position


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Being a 6' 5" lanky freak, I'm having some trouble getting completely comfortable in the recaro SAUER0421.GIF

Main problem is that I can't get the seat back far enough which means that I can't make full use of the extendable cushion at the front of the seat as my thighs don't really rest on it properly.

Any other tall types know of a fix for this and is it also possible to reduce the seat height any further?

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Im 6ft 3, and have the seat fully down/fully or almost back, to get my comfortable position.

I dont like to use the extendable seat cushion either, i find it intrusive for operating the clutch etc and prefer without.

I didnt use the cushion on my Vetra GSi V6 either , which had the same seats in cloth, without the elctric motor movements, but maybe a bit further travel on the seat rails.

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Cheers guys beerchug.gif

The extendable cusion is completely useless in my case, because I can't rest my legs on it due to there not being enough rear travel on the seat rails.

Would like to make use of it on long journeys for when I'm just cruising along, but think I'll just need to put up with the slight discomfort.

In fact, why don't I just rip out the fronts and sit in the back?!

Genius 169144-ok.gif

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