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introduction - possible/probable S8 buyer


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Hi, new here and thinking about changing to an S8. Currently driving a ’99 V Merc C43 AMG. Had the car for about 14 months and fancy a change.

I’ve read the recommended stuff and printed out the checklist and other lists of the things I need to look out for – Thanks all for the effort that’s gone into this stuff. I’ve read from page 150+ of the forum back to 60-something at the moment.

Reason for looking at the S8 – I can’t go backwards in terms of performance, need min four doors and decent load space, want V8 again, cant be FWD, owned an A4 2.8 quattro and S3 a few years ago and loved the Audi cabins, want more toys, want a car that isn’t starting to rust, would need to start spending money on the merc, I’m also now thinking the merc looks dated.

Other possibles are S6/S6 Avant, S4 Avant (old shape), BMW 540 (E39), and that’s about it, but it’s the S8 that I’ve sort of set my heart on. However, it’s a big car. I’ve read that it shrinks around the driver, but I would need to park it in supermarket/airport/retail park car parks from time to time, where due to the width it’s bound to get dinged, How well does the aluminium bodywork stand up to having other cars’ doors opened onto it ? That’s one thing the merc is good for – the steel is pretty thick, and the car’s relatively narrow

I’m test driving at least one at the weekend, local to me (Solihull). If I like how it drives, I’m going to try to look at another, same day.

A question for you - all other things being equal, what would your preference be out of these two on Autotrader

2000 W reg, 57000 miles, £13945, local independent dealer who I bought the merc off and trust.


2001 Y reg, 76000 miles, TPM, blinds, £14995, recent major service (cambelt, disks, pads, tyres), trader with no website, 80 miles away, seems to do a few Audis. Price is more than I can really afford, but I could find the money somehow.

Of course, trade-in value may have a big effect, but I can’t say what that would be yet. Both cars are listed as FASH



Great Forum btw

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Welcome to the forum Ian 169144-ok.gif

I take it both of these are S8's? IMO either is a good deal. These cars don't notice the miles (my A8 is currently on 153k!!) so are both a good buy.

The 2nd one is possibly worth going for depending on how much mileage you do. A cambelt and service is typically around the £1500 mark (not much cheaper from specialists in my experience).

I've had a look on autotrader, and I'm pretty sure that the 2nd one isn't a special edition. They came with the 20" S-Line rims plus some other goodies.

How about the S8 from Crawley Audi? IMO it's definitely worth getting an approved used motor smile.gif169144-ok.gif

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Cheers Tony, thanks for the quick reply. Miles - I do about 8K p.a., so I'm not too worried about the extra 20K or so on the Y plate S8. Take your point about the Crawley one, I'd been slightly put off by the distance, and the driver's seat in the pic on their site seems to show a lot of wear. Have to check it out in the flesh I guess. Just a case of finding the time.

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