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[Audi A3/S3] Anti roll bar!


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Hello All,

Just had a quote to have the two front ARB drop links replaced and the front drivers side bush and clip replaced on the ARB. Local specialist quoted £150, does this sound reasonable ? The specialist showed me all of the joints under the car and they were indeed worn and plenty of play existed which accounts for all the rattling / knocking. mad.gif

Sound reasonable ?

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well the arb bushes are about 4 quid each, the brackets are 8 quid ish, id do both sides not just 1. thnik some one did the drop links for 30 quid but i may be wrong so 50 quids worth of gear and about 1 hrs labour.

Its not a hard job to do yourself TBH. the drop links are easy 17mm spanner on the inside and a socket on the nut 10mins a side including taking the wheel off.

(think thats the spanner size anyhow )

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