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Audi Air Freshner


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Hi guys,

Just got back off hols this morning and found an email in my inbox off a mate of mine who prints car air freshners for a living.

He's done quite a lot of retro stuff recently apparently and is looking at doing a run of retro 'Audi Sport' ones but just needs the interest there to make it financially viable. Normally he needs to do runs of 1000+ and reckons he has about half the interest for that and has asked if i know of anyone who may be interested in one.

Brief sketch of the design is below, can be tweeked if you think it needs it. Current feedback is that the colours would look better on a slant rather than as they do on his concept design and also that he lose the white border around the edge.

I've had his freshners before and they do smell good and are of decent quality (for what they are - they're the cardboard type ones you get when you have a valet done!) Smell lasts about 6-8 weeks and they come in little plastic bag things and can be stored for at least 6 months without losing their smell.

Anyone interested??

As i said, just doing this for a mate to help him out so would prefer any abuse about commercial posts etc to come to me on PM rather than in public as all i will make from this is a pint or two!!

Oh yeah, price wise he's said about £1/ea inc p&p.

Here's the design, it's basic but i think it looks ok:


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dokkoS3an - get 500 of your closest Audi-driving mates together and he'd probably do a run of them!!

I do like that myself to be honest but each to their own.

He did a similar one in the BMW blue, red, black and white as seen on the BMW 2002 Turbo of the 1970s and it sold like hot cakes on cold days!!

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