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B7 S4 internal manifold flaps, ECU update


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Just thought i would share this information with you guys incase you have any similar symptons 169144-ok.gif

The past few times i have started the car i have noticed a noise about 1 or 2 seconds after starting. It's kind of hard to describe but it's a cross between matal pipes rattling together and bubbles being pushed through a sealed water system (central heating). Only lasts for a couple of seconds so got it checked out yesterday.

Got a very nice 2.7 Tdi quattro Allroad to drive around in all day ECLIPSe.gifgrin.gif

Anyway the outcome is it;s the internal flaps in the manifold that need reprogrammed as they are not completely closed on start up. Dealer has sent for a disc from Audi to reprogramme the ECU, so should be a simple job.

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