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Wife has kerbed an alloy...HELP!


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Wicked Wheels, £75 + vat, will need the alloy for 7-10 days, anticipate making nearly 'new'. Due to other commitments I cannot have it done until Sept, will post my opinion and picture once I have it back. Will seem odd driving on the space saver at 40mph!

I sent them a hi-res jpeg and they were able to quote via e-mail. Alloy will be removed and returned by their mobile fitter and taken to HQ for the refurb.

Wife is paying for it, now should I accidentally drop a bit of bleach on her favorite dress...hahahahahahahaha!

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Yes I have this re-occuring nightmare..... Oh dung.gif

If it makes you feel better mine are worse than that, the missus playing bumper cars with the kerb only happened yesterday SAUER0421.GIF we had words !

And contacted the same people wicked wheels and pristine (yet to respond) the alloys are a combination of diamond cut and painted !!

Gutted ! smashfreakB.gifsportifs2.gifopenfire.gif

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My wife twated my osf alloy on a kerb, only an 1" 1/2 mark and I was annoyed, but after all it is only a car, and the alloy is going to get clipped at some point, especially with mine as there is so little tyre to protect it.

What annoyed me more, was when we stayed at the Landmark Hotel recently and paid £35 for valet parking!!!!!!!.....when they brought the car to the reception when we left the other alloy had a fresh gouge in it!!! And in small letters on the parking ticket, it said they do not take any responsibilty for damge to or theft from the motor!!!- What did I pay my £35 for - W@nkers!!

Still at least now there is a mtaching mark on both front wheels.

I have done nearly 6000 miles, so I dont consider that too bad. when I sell the car I will just get them refurbed.


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I kerbed one of mine 3 weeks after getting her, I naturally blamed my mate sitting in the passenger seat! Since then one of the others has picked up a scratch (not due to kerbing), another has picked up stain (I posted a pic a while back) oh and I noticed while washing her yesterday that one of the rear doors has also got a scratch. Plus I scraped the front bumper ever so slightly!

Amazing really since I've never scraped or scratched a car before and this one seems to be getting everything smashfreakB.gif

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