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R32 order.


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99% sure i am going to order a MkV R32 in the next couple of days. I would be so grateful if people would comment on my intended spec. If you think something is a bad idea then please give reasons why.


5 door


Sat-nav with 6 cd (is armrest included with this?)




Parking sensors

Not sure about winter pack or Recaros.

Thanks in advance good people. 169144-ok.gif

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Armrest is included with 6 cd changer. I'd consider ordering the factory armrest mounted IPOD kit as I ended up installing this and getting rid of my 6cd changer. Your sat nav headunit will be able to play cds in the nav slot whereas mine won't.

Winter pack is advisable - and with leather does'nt cost hardly any extra.

I have Recaros in mine and find them extremely comfortable and they do look the part. The downsides to them are

- the rear backs are gloss spray painted and do scratch easily ( e.g. children can mark them easily)

- they have pronounced and unyielding lower side thigh bolsters which make getting in and out particularly awkward for the front passenger particularly if they are wearing a dress/skirt. cool.gif

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personally, if I had to buy a R32 mkV today, I will not choose the seats "recaros", and no sat-nav.

These 2 options are expensive, and do not bring a real advantage to your vehicle.

Still the recaros are superb, and maintain very well, but their price is too expensive, and sat-nav also.

Keep your money, and with this, you will be able to buy other accessories thereafter. (Milltek, ccai...)

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What about in-car entertainment for when you don't want to listen to the V6 music?

Are you planning an aftermarket sound system or would you consider the sound pack?

I'm with you on the standard leather seats. They look much better than the plastic-backed Recaros IMO.

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Billy good choice of spec 169144-ok.gif as you can see from my spec I went for most options grin.gif

I think the sat nav is good and apart from it's 3d view a step on a tom tom

Cant quite remember whats in the winter pack n the sense you wil get heated seats with leather. However I do remeber you get the washer bottle level indicator .... didn't have theis on my last car and it was a real pain.

Enjoy the wait grin.gif

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