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3 button key replacement


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hi all.

Picked up the new A4 yesterday and very pleased with it so far.

However I noticed that the second key was faulty in that the flip wont stay open.

I see that you can get a brand new uncut key from ebay resonable cheap compared with the £250 the dealer quoted.

Has anyone tried one of these? Can they be cut at any high steet key sop like timpsons etc?

I gather they can be reprogrammed yourself in the car, no need for the dealer?


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The car was picked up at the weekend used - its a 52 plate. I dont think the key is covered by the warranty - I have two keys - one is ok if a little worn and the other has the issue with the blade of the key not locking in position. keys seem cheap enough on ebay but the seller has advised that I will need audi dealer to code the key to work with the engine imobilizer. I can recode doors & locks myself and timposns etc should be able to recut the blank blade.

worth a go rather than pay the dealer prices for a new key.

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Don't waste your money with eBay; the amount of people we have to turn away because the immobiliser transponder inside is incorrect is just stupid.

If your blade is broken, the only part of your key you will need to replace will be the actual key part, not the remote. This part has a RRP of £60.61 and you shouldn't be paying anymore than £35.00 to have it recoded; anymore and the Centre is blatantly ripping you off.

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