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[Audi A3/S3] Steering whinning noise returns...(S3)


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Hi all,

For the last few months i've had no issues with this until this weekend.

I drove the car pretty hard and since its been making a whinning noice every time i steer to the left or right and accelerate. confused.gif When staionary I've noticed that if i turn the steering to a full lock there is a whinning noise when i dont accelerate but it gets louder as i do frown.gif

I remember someone saying it could be the steering rack or pump that needs attention? Any ideas?

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I honestly believe that audi steering racks and associated bits n pieces are made of soft dung.gif

Had my steering rack go a few months ago.

The howling started when going from lock to lock but it was noticeably quieter under acceleration due to the pump being under less load.

The howling gradually became worse after the power steering fluid started to drain at an alarming rate.

Check the rubber bellows at each end of the rack. Mine were saturated with fluid which meant that it was an internal rack failure.

I'm praying that it's just your pump as it cost me a good £700+ to replace the rack at my local friendly independant!

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