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We are planning to get something last minute towards the end of September to Canaries, Greece, etc i.e somewhere relatively close that gets quite a bit of sun at the back end of Summer. I have heard stories of people turning up at the travel agenst with their bags packed and ready to go, and getting awesome deals on package holidays departing in like three hours, but I have never met anyone who has actually done this, and wondered if it was an urban myth - has anyone here actually done this and got a result?

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it's not an urban myth and can be done, but your hotel will generally be on an 'allocated on arrival' basis - sometimes they wont even tell you what star it is!!!!

Best way is to actually go to the airport with your bags packed and find a thompsons / thomas cook etc. flight desk and get them to book it. 169144-ok.gif

Failing that, you still can't beat teletext holidays for last minute bookings and very regular updates..... they are on the web at Teletext Holidays

Have fun!!! cool.gif

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The only great last minute deal I ever got was to Cyprus years ago - allocated on arrival (Russian Roulette but worse) and we ended up in a 5 star aparthotel type place, indoor pool, outdoor pools, gym, sauna, spa, steam room, fab eating places, two bed apartment, Sky TV, (this was years ago so rare then!) sofas, champagne in fridge etc. All for about 200 quid.

Since then I've ended up in places that make Beirut look desirable. SAUER0421.GIF

You could try lastminute.com and see what they are offering? My cousin always just books a flight and arrives in Crete and then finds the most fab place to stay usually for half the price of booking from here. 169144-ok.gif

My next holiday? I'm going somewhere like here:


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