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Voice assist retrofit


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Yeah you can have it done, £50 for the parts and you will be quoted anything from between 1h30mins to 8 hours from your dealer for programming.

Aim for around £200+vat, if you get charged more than that give me a shout and I will dig details out for you to give your dealer.

What age is the car, someone added the mic and the button the other day as he had his computer out anyway and his worked without any programming needed from the dealer, so could be worth getting the parts and installing them yourself, not too tricky at all.

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Thanks for the help chaps, it was new in June 05 Gizze. You didnt really say if it was good to have it...what exactly can you call up with it?

I already have a button on the steering wheel showing a little head and some sound waves coming out of it...

Cheers Martin

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Same month as mine then.

if you don't mind taking some tim off I would buy the parts and try it, they only cost £35+vat.

Is it good? Hmmm, well if you use it. By that I mean it will do everything, but I tend to find it just as quick to use the i-drive, I know where everything is and can generally get to where I want without looking at the screen, jsut lkie I cna wehn tipyng. wink.gif

It is good and you can do everything with it, say 'call home' and it will call home, or say 'call Martin' and it will call martin and it gets it right. Or you can say 'map indicating direction of travel' and the map will come up.

You can also say 'FM 1' and Radio 1 or whatever you have stored on preset one will come on, same for MW 1 etc.

It is good, and definitely worth £200 but no more than that.

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