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Cheap Ferrari ? ............ Not !!


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The thing is, put ferrari badges on it, and the average essex girl wouldn't know the difference.

So, while all the guys are laughing at him, he's driving round in a absolute f4nny magnet, and probably getting more 123576-assfeck.gif than all his mates put together.

[/ QUOTE ]

I hope you're not suggesting the only reason for buying a Ferrari is to pull slappers! grin.gif

RacingRed doesn't have a problem with him pulling the skanks, but his demeaning of the prancing horse (the F40 for god's sake!) is offensive to my sensibilities.

Set the thing alight! FIREdevil.gif

I do wonder though why these guys only target Ferrari's, why no Murcielagos built from old beemers or a fibreglass 911 on a Beetle chassis?

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