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Solving an ipod link problem!

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Tonight my ipod link (the Audi one) stopped working for no reason - it just kept cycling through track numbers and not playing anything. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh SAUER0421.GIFmad.gif

Disconnected ipod, reconnected, turned ignition off, turned it on, disconnected ipod again, fiddled with all buttons on HU and nothing. Dammit thought I, back to Audi. smashfreakB.gif

Decided to reset the ipod - you know, hold the two buttons down til the Apple appears. Bingo!!! jump.gif

I have no idea why the ipod was not talking to the HU properly but this has cured it. Just a tip to share in case anyone else has the same problem!

Now all I need is my new ipod. sekret.gifgrin.gif

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