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Brilliant Audi Specialist - Edinburgh/East Lothian


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Hi all. Just thought I would tell you about a new Audi specialist I have found in Edinburgh/East Lothian. After all the rubbish that I have put up with the main dealer in Edinburgh, and the hourly rate just going up to £80+ an hour. I have finally found a specialist who knows my car and is really easy to deal with.

He spent 5 years working for Edinburgh Audi, then Ferrari/Maserati, and has now setup on his own with a mate. They are both are easy to deal with, Phil and Martin, and are very enthusiastic about cars and the service they offer. Quality is second to none and pride they take in there work is amazing, or just after dealing with Main Dealers. Really nice guys trying to "do it right" as they say.

Work done was Quattro Diff oil Seals, and Transmission ATF and Filter changed. Difference is great.

Guys are in Temporary Garages in WhiteCraig, East Lothian. They are waiting on there new (ordered) premises becoming avaliable.

Guys are Phil and Martin

MP Supercars LLP


East Lothian

Due to temp Offices - Mobile is 07951 467223

Hourly Rate is 1/2 main dealers. (£45 per hour)

Warning, Chat to them at your time peril. They seem to love cars.

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