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I've gone digital!


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Well finally got the geezer round to sort my aerial. I've had a crap picture since I moved in, ITV virtually unwatchable, but the new TV's driven me to finally getting something done about it.

Aerial Geezer originally said he was going to put me a new Hi Gain aerial up as I'm in a crap reception area but when he came around this morning he was on his own and as my aerial is on a 16ft pole he didn't think he could manage to get it down without the bloke that normally helps him...

So, he did some measuring and reckoned a masthead signal booster would do the trick. one signal booster install later and no difference whatsoever! smashfreakB.gif

Anyway, he then says he can either come back again and put up the new aerial, or with the signal booster I've got enough reception to run a Free To view digital box which will then give me perfect clarity on all normal channels, plus of course a load of extra channels. So since I'd planned to get one of these anyway I popped up to Currys and bought one. Sure enough, perfect picture all channels. only slight drawback is that I can't record one channel through it and watch another channel through it.

So I'm digital now! Have to say, it does the TV justice too, superb picture.

Got a sneaking suspicion that if I'd just gone and bought a digi box in the first place I'd be where I am now without paying matey to come round and without having to have bought the signal booster. Maybe I'll unplug it and see if I still get a picture through the digibox... sekret.gif

Anyway, result is great picture all channles (at last!) and all the other free channels it brings so not a bad situation really. smile.gif

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Hehe Ari you've seen the light! After having a digi TV setup there is no way I could go back to an analog setup, the picture is so much sharper and cleaner. Also if you're into your radio, the freeview broadcast radio stations are in better quality than DAB so if you've picked a box with audio outs on it, it may be well worth getting a cable to connect it to your hifi.



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