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Oil burning/fuel economy


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Has anybody found their 2.4 Cab burning alot of oil? Checked the dipstick yesterday (tricky as the level is very hard to distinguish) - but the engine swallowed a litre and still didn't seem to show oil much above the end of the stick - done around 1700 miles. The TT I had burned loads of oil but I haven't heard this of the Cab. Anybody else found this? Also finding fuel economy to be very poor - mainly town driving, and it's obviously not loosened up yet but getting only around 200 miles a tank...

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I have had my 2.4 Multitronic since March and have yet not had any need to add any oil. The oil level is still on the mark. I have done about 3,700 miles so far.

I was warned by my salesman that the engine can use a lot of oil in the first few thousand miles, but will settle down once the engine has bedded in. For that reason they always supply a litre of oil in a neat little case that is velcroed on to the side of the boot.

I think the lazy low revving nature of the multitronic may be one reason why my car has not used any oil yet. During my general driving style the revs rarely go over 3,000 RPM

As for fuel economy, that will definately improve. Mine has decreased by about 3MPG since new and how I regularly get 28/29 MPG for a mixed driving condition.

If all my journeys are town/short I used to get about 23/24MPG, but now I get 26/28MPG. For a long journey I used to get about 27MPG, but now I can easily get 32/33MPG on a good run. I find I can get 400 miles from a tank quite easily.

All the above conditions are with the top down & aircon off or top up & aircon on. I don't seem to notice any difference between top up/down or aircon on/off.

Hope this helps, but bear in mind that a big heavy convertible is never going to be as economical as its tin-top sister. smile.gif

Incidently from what I have heard the 1.8T is pretty much the same in the ecomomy stakes, maybe a little better around town. crazy.gif

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There's been posts about 2.4 oil consumption from new before, might be worth doing a search of this forum. From what I remember it apparently improves (ie uses less) as the miles go on.

As to fuel consumption, from my experience of the 3.0 and a colleagues 2.4 the 1.8T is way more economical (unless you drive like HC of course!! wink.gif)

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