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Another R32 Tuner


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Does anyone know anything about this company?? I hadn't heard about them before, are they well known??

There's a good comparison of all the numbers for the various stages in the tuning on this page:-


There seems to be quite a big reduction in the 0-62 mph times for the stage 3 & 4 package, even though they only push out 275 & 290hp respectively. The power and torque curves must be made fatter in order to achieve this?? Or maybe they are able to rev higher so that 62mph can be reached in second gear?? There doesn't seem to be such a marked difference in the 0-200km/h times.

Standard 241hp 0-100km/h = 6.2s 0-200km/h = 29.8s

Stage 2: 265hp 0-100km/h = 5.9s 0-200km/h = 28.9s

Stage 3: 275hp 0-100km/h = 4.9s 0-200km/h = 28.2s

Stage 4: 290hp 0-100km/h = 4.6s 0-200km/h = 27.6s

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The big differance in 0-60 times seems to be between stage 2 & 3, but the torque only shows a few lbs improvent. Maybee with the new cams the car reves through the gears beeter, iliminating the lazy engine feel, allowing it to achieve better times?? pengy.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

I don't think it would make that much difference - 1 second off the 0-60 time is quite a lot.

I suspect it's more likely that they have altered the redline so that it can rev higher and reach 60mph in second gear (not requiring a change into third before 60). This would save probably around 0.5secs on the time and that would then make sense (if you get my meaning!). The reason I say this is if you look at the 0-200km/h times there isn't as much of an improvement there. If it really was producing that much improvement in acceleration to 60 then you would expect an even greater reduction in the time taken to get to 200km/h.

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Hmmm, interesting that they claim a 10 bhp increase (from 265 to 275) will knock one second off the 0 to 62mph time - from 5.9 to 4.9secs. Their bhp/torque gains are not at the top end either and there is no info given re. alterations to the rev limit or gearing.

With the AmD 270bhp kit I recorded a best 0 to 60mph time of 5.95 secs - using Racelogic V-Box GPS timing gear - changing into 3rd gear at c.55mph.

With the AmD 300bhp conversion now installed I reckon low-mid 5 secs is possible (I'm hopefully gonna test again shortly). To get close to cracking 5 secs I'd probably need to have the rev limit raised to 7,200rpm to pull 60 in 2nd gear (rather than 6,800 as present).

The engine's tolerance for a higher rev limit is is something I've asked AmD to investigate for me as I'm not prepared to compromise engine life for the sake of a few tenths of a second on this increment!

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Thanks Mick.

Their 0-62mph times for the stage 2 seem just about believable, if not slightly optimistic. But the times for the stage 3 and 4 seem to be way out given the increase in Horsepower. Unless as you say the gearing and/or the rev limiter have been altered.

The rev limit on the R32 racecar in Australia had been raised by quite a bit, IIRC it was 7,750 rpm. Obviously with a racecar they're not gonna be so worried about long-term reliability etc. and they are probably prepared to strip down and rebuild the engine. I would also be interested to find out about this though, but as you say it's not worth it for a few tenths of a second gain if it has any adverse effects on the engine. The main reason I would like a higher rev limit is that I would be less likely to bounce off it when trying to maximise the power for each gear.

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