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[Audi A3/S3] How long for murder?


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Hmmm...just washed the car yesterday and it rained stright after and so stopped me trying the Meguiars 3 stage. Enough said!

Car is nice and clean though still and just went to go out and caught the kids playing football in the road outside and found that they had left a nice big print from the ball on the back driverside wing!!!

It is not a case that they just hit the car but that the road is a short private road which does not have a proepr surface and so is covered in grit and stones!!! Just imagine the scratches!?!

I have just tried cleaning it off and cannot see what the result is until tomorrow.I am wondering how long I will get for murder if the result is not pretty? Should I just settle for GBH I here you ask?


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An accident can be arranged quite easily as the kid up the road just got a quad bike and they have all been playing on it. Interesting...

btw, the scratches are not that bad, in fact, not so noticeable unless you look carefully. But then again they may show up more once the polish and wax is on? Gonna work on them with some Scratch X first methinks!?!

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