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Post Buxton Meet -Pictures & Banter thread


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we (Sparkly & I) got back about 5pm after a minor detour (missed the M60 turnoff hehe).

Nice to put faces to names for those I hadn't met.

Congrats to Lottie for organising, for AvantB130 for suggesting the location. Very nice pub, good food too, although I didn't sample the puddings smile.gif

Some thoughts from the day:

Mrme - 645 looks awesome in the flesh, sounds great too, and watching the roof raise and lower is an art form.

JimDiesel - nice Z4, although I didn't see you unfold out of it smile.gif

Daz - RS4 sounds great, oh and wheres my sticker wink.gif

Chris B - Nice S8, fantastic colour, almost like a metallic version of Dolphin Grey, Garcon told me the colour but I forgot tongue.gif

Got a chance to have a quick chat to all of you and the one thing that stands out more than anything is that everyones so friendly, laid back and down to earth 169144-ok.gif

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Yep I'm back. Was a cracking day.

Plenty turned up and there were some cracking cars. grin.gif

Thanks for organising it all Lottie. 169144-ok.gif The drive over to the Cat and Fiddle was erm spirited to say the least. ECLIPSe.gif A 645 BMW, RS4, two A8's and Jon in his Sport Megane with me in the middle in a 2.0T Sportback. Stellar drive and a great route. grin.gif

Will put up some pictures later on. Was nice to meet everyone will have to do the same again next hear. beerchug.gif

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We got back home about 6:30, after an uneventful run home.

Good meet, nice to see you all, good bunch of folks. 169144-ok.gif

Shame the back end of the run got lost on the way to the Cat & Fiddle, I got separated from CraigyB and just kept going in a straight line, thinking that if you'd turned off without us behind you, you'd have stopped and waited. More fool me! tongue.gif Garcon sorted us a scenic route, which was great on some of the bends, even at the 50 mph or so that we were stuck behind a non-Tyresmoker at.

Oh, and I christened the gallery with proof that MrMe doesn't drive his car hard enough to stain his exhaust pipes... the_finger.gif

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well I got back about an hour ago, had some trouble finding the M6 despite Tom Tom ROLLEY~14.GIF and then it was a giant car park for much of the way til the toll road of joy. ECLIPSe.gif

What a great day - excellent meet - the sun shone, people made a huge effort to travel and meet up and it really summed up TSN again for me! Great venue, excellent food (if a little random with the ordering and delivery - where was my Sticky Richard...), big car park, and good fun. cool.gif

Highlights of the day? grin.gif

Watching MrMe slide gracefully into the TT seats

Chris's beautiful Daytona S8 - what a car - and watching Chris do a great take off from the Cat and Fiddle - right into the sights of the scamera van! smashfreakB.gif

Meeting some new faces 169144-ok.gif

A good drive to the Cat & Fiddle - we ended up in two groups and we in Garcon's posse took the scenic route - my DIS shows the evidence of following an S4, two S8s and goodness knows what else!. tongue.gif

Daz's RS4 exhaust note - always a joy. grin.gif

Will's super blinged S8 interior! cool.gif

JC cleaning up the left overs as ever. SPericani2.gif

Ian_C giving me a nice bottle of wine for organising the meet. smile.gifbeerchug.gif

Will put my pics in the gallery later but here are some highlights....



Everyone distracted Ian_C whilst they looked at his VIN number


medium car, big car, big car grin.gif


Jim - "I can hear rustling in those bushes"


MrMe wonders if he can have two of everything


A small delay on food led JC to think of eating the cutlery jar


That is one bling interior!


MrMe "How the feck am I going to get out of here"


A tad lower than usual. tongue.gif



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Got back at 7.10pm after a 3hr+ drive. I don't ever want to have to drive through that godforsaken place named Stockport again!!!! We covered about 12 miles in an hour. It was atrocious.

Please, please, please can we hold it somewhere that means we route around that hell hole for traffic next time!!!

Good to see some new faces, new cars and the usual collection of superior automobiles. 169144-ok.gif

I'll post the pictures in the Gallery, but in the meantime here are a few tasters....

Chris_B's S8


CraigyB's W12


Ian_C's 1.9 GTi was very nice - but the tyres need attention.. grin.gif


KGMan's GTi looked nice in Steel Grey


NiGhT pursues A8_Tony


Jim...courtesy of Daz.... grin.gif


Avant_B6's, errm, not Avant B6....very nice.


J_C does his John Inman impersonation?


Excitement all round here... yelrotflmao.gif


Finally, my poor, poor, car before it needed a wash...which it now certainly does. frown.gif


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watching Chris do a great take off from the Cat and Fiddle - right into the sights of the scamera van! smashfreakB.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

Somebody could have warned me! yelrotflmao.gif At least the business end was facing the other way.

Well, it's a blind corner coming out of the pub there, you need to get moving to keep out of the way of other traffic, don't you? wink.gif

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